Thursday, March 3, 2011

101 things in 1001 days

ok i have made a list on day zero of 101 things to do

i think the most ambitious has to be #66.get fit enough to pass the marine fitness test...that is probably €5 right there :)

can't wait to complete #100

here's my full list...

001.Don't complain about anything for a week
002.Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet [0/26]
003.Go camping
004.Make a new friend
005.Complete a 365 day photo challenge
006.Go on a picnic
007.See 10 classic movies I've never seen [0/10]
008.Influence a person to make a day zero list
009.Go to 5 different museums [0/5]
010.Spend a day at the beach
011.Read all the books currently on my shelf
012.plant a tree
013.Go to bed every night before midnight for an entire month
014.Create a new wardrobe for myself
015.Eat 5 things I've never tried before [0/5]
016.Buy an entire set of new socks and throw out the old ones
017.Bake a Fourth of July cake
018.Make a Year in Pictures album
019.Do 50 consecutive push-ups [0/50]
020.Start a fire with a magnifying glass
021.Start a holiday tradition
022.Crochet a blanket
023.Send one handwritten letter per month
024.Travel to a new country
025.Fill an entire sketch book with ideas for paintings
026.Take a family portrait
027.Go to a botanical garden
028.Ask 20 people to suggest one book, read them all[0/20]
029.Take a class in flower arranging
030.Make homemade jam
031.Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for 6 months
032.Watch 10 documentary films [0/10]
033.Spend a day in silence
034.Write and illustrate a children's book
035.Make homemade cheese
036.Learn to embroider
037.Assemble an emergency kit for the house
038.Find the perfect little black dress
039.Have an exhibition of drawings/paintings/photographs
040.Design a t-shirt
041.Take a photo of myself every week for a year
042.Make a family tree
043.Donate to a charity or organization
044.Read 5 biographies [0/5]
045.Knit a sweater for myself
046.Don't say anything negative for one day
047.Achieve my goal weight
048.Take a photo of each task completed
049.Send Christmas cards to family and friends
050.Watch every film that won a Cannes Golden Palm (1970-now)
051.Buy flowers for someone
052.Get a hammock
053.Donate $5 for each goal I don't complete
054.Read War and Peace
055.Learn basic sign language
056.Learn Tai Chi
057.Make fudge
058.Take a trip on a train
059.Sew an article of clothing
060.Write a letter to my future children
061.Write with my left hand for a day
062.Make something to sell on Etsy
063.Make homemade bread
064.Celebrate the spring and autumn equinox
065.Make 5 new desserts [0/5]
066.Get fit enough to pass the Marine fitness test
067.Keep my room tidy for a month
068.Grow sunflowers
069.Go a whole day without swearing
070.Send 10 postcards via [0/10]
071.Try a new recipe every month
072.Make soap
073.Grow my own herbs
074.Start a new family tradition
075.Read 20 books from Modern Library's List of 100 Best Books of the 20th Century[0/20]
076.Make a pinhole camera
077.Make homemade bagels
078.Go bowling
079.'Unplug' for one whole weekend-no cell phone, no Internet, no TV, no computer.
080.Bake a red velvet cake
081.Update my blog at least once a month
082.Start a collection of board games
083.Knit a pair of socks for myself
084.Have a spa day
085.Build something out of wood
086.Learn how to drive
087.Make a family cookbook
088.Cook my way through a cookbook
089.Keep a food diary for a month
090.Learn to decorate cakes
091.Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
092.Learn basic German
093.Floss every night for a month
094.Go to 10 new places in Ireland [0/10]
095.Make my own 2011 calendar
096.Go to the dentist
097.Do yoga every day for a month
098.Make a colouring book
099.Learn how to play the ukulele
100.Watch the northern lights
101.Write to grandma once a month
also added
102.Buy a paddling pool
103.Buy some nice plant pots
104.Buy a sony ereader
105.Buy a bicycle

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My first quilt

i've been working on a quilt for g for his birthday. It's my first ever quilt and i don't have fancy cutting boards or knives just some sharp fiskars and the contents of my wardrobe so i'm doing it in squares. i have about 100 of my estimated requirement of 150 and i found a back, it's an ols curtain i found in a charity shop, it's gold and fancy :)

Tara's bloody amazing chocolate cake

So because g had taken such good care of our pizza needs all night on the 29th i thought he might need a cake the next day as a thank-you. i thought i'd try a new chocolate cake with some tasty icing,so i looked in sarah kramer's'la dolce vegan' to see what we had ingredients for and we had everything for tara's icing,so i made it. Then i looked at cakes and we had everything for tara's chocolate cake too so i made it,baked it,cooled it,iced it,marked it with a 'g' and we all tasted was amazing!like really amazing and you should make it now!and invite me to your house to eat it!or bring cake to me!mmmm...

First Annual Vegan Pizza Day Saturday 29th January 2011!

This was my tasty pizza! It had linda mccartney sausage,olives,the tastiest tofu ricotta from the 'vegan with a vengeance' cookbook,red onions,peppers,and aubergine and courgette in olive oil. G made the most amazing dough for the three of us-his brother was over-and a bangin sauce and we ate a couple of pizzas each and chilled all night.i think we might've watched jersey shore 'cause neither g nor i knew what it was,they like to fuck huh!

Christmas in the U.K.

We spent the bird's first Christmas in the Shire with family.She was really spoilt and handled a lot.
We got some vegan cookbooks, i got a knitting book-yarn bombing,we got food,g got beer,the bird got so many clothes,play mats,sooty and sweep puppets!,books-she loves books and she had a blast with all the wrapping paper,she even pooped some out.
It was nice to spend time with g's family for a change as we stayed in his mom's lovely house this time,i don't think my mom was impressed but it had been planned that way for a year so it wasn't like it was sprung on her and she was over every day to see the bird. We were surrounded by lovely decorations and food.It inspired my to go all out this Christmas even if it's just for the three of us,although people are welcome.g's sister had a cool book that i've bought for inspiration-The Christmas Book by Sheherazade Goldsmith.So i need to get on it,this year i don't want any of that guilt that comes with being a disorganised pooro,people need presents and gifts.i still haven't thanked everyone that sent baby gifts and she's six months,i know that's terrible,the guilt is slowing me down.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011